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BRIDGE Learning Community 2014-15

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


     Learning Community


Welcome and Introductions 

  • Twitter - Please sign in and post a comment with #BridgeLC
    • #BridgeLC (Bridge Learning Community) 


Sign In


Introducing the BRIDGE


Bridge Resources 


  • With a partner, review some of these examples near your grade level. Check off the guidelines for each as you review:


    • ELA Examples: W. 1.3, RL 3.3, SL 4.1, RL 8.7
    • Math Examples: K.OA 3, 2.OA 2, 3.G 2, 3.OA 1, 5.G 4, 6.NS 4


Curriculum Calibration

  • Slides
  • Aligning teacher prompts to standards 



Writing Descriptions and Teacher Prompts

  • With a partner, evaluate the following standards and rewrite the descriptions and teacher prompts:
    • ELA: RL 4.3 (Trading Card Creator), W 6.2
    • Math: A REI 3
    • Make a Copy of:  Guidelines and Planning Page for your draft
      • Naming Conventions: SL 2.5 ADeWolfe and SHawes
      • Share: adewolfe@cccoe.k12.ca.us  


Write Up Your Resource and Teacher Prompt 

  • Make a Copy of: Guidelines and Planning Page
  • Naming Conventions: SL 2.5 ADeWolfe
  • Search the resource field to see if your item has been posted 
  • **Draft and have a partner review (see below) 
  • Share: adewolfe@cccoe.k12.ca.us 


Submission Tool (under project tab, be sure to open up the full window) 


Review Scope of Work Expectations



Working Partners and Contact Info:

  • Provide feedback to each other
  • Collaborate 
  • Follow each other on Twitter #bridgeLC 


  1. 1st-2nd grade - Patricia Hainley (PJ) phainley@lafsd.k12.ca.us and Margaret Coughlin mcoughlan@moraga.k12.ca.us
  2. 3rd-4th grade - Millie Tang mtang@moraga.k12.ca.us with Kim Isaacs kisaacs@lafsd.k12.ca.us and Pat McCauley PMcCauley@srvusd.net with Patsy Templeton ptempleton@orinda.k12.ca.us
  3. 6-8th grade math - Brett Lorie blorie@moraga.k12.ca.us , Karlene Steelman ksteelman@moraga.k12.ca.us , Christina Tkachuk Tkachukc@mdusd.org and Shauna Hawes hawess@mdusd.org 
  4. Coaches and District folks: Angie Corritone acorrito@LAFSD.K12.CA.US and Bev  Lathrope blathrop@lafsd.k12.ca.us  (Shauna Hawes may join you too with ELA submissions.hawess@mdusd.org





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