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BRIDGE Teacher Cadre

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Monday, June 16th


Tuesday, June 17th




Sign In

     ID and Social Security Reminder


Welcome and Introductions

    Share your favorite digital resource that supports a CCSS.


Project Overview


Introducing BRIDGE

     Demonstration and Scavenger Hunt


Model Resource Activity 

     Showcase Resources

     BRIDGE Resource Planning Sheet (handout)


Standards Calibration Activity

     Review a standard

     Favorite Tool Discussion

  • Linking a Standard - Tool - Activity and Write Up using the BRIDGE Planning Sheet
  • Pair Share Write Up and edit submission


Submission Tool

          Submit one resource


Group Work

     Aligning CCSS standards and Internet resources for classroom activities

     Resources to search - see links below


Scope of Work Expectations

    Elem:  Minimum of 5 and 3 must be in the area of Math

    Middle School:  Minimum of 5 in your subject area and grade level

    Coaches:  Minimum of 5 in your subject area 


Paperwork and Adjourn


Resources to Support Common Core Alignment


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