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  1. Find the pictures you want to use for the story. 
    1. Saving Images to iPad - Pics4Learning or AP Images
    2. You can also take the pictures with your iPad's camera.
  2. Now that you have your pictures, you are ready to begin. Tap the StoryKit icon on your iPad. There are several stories already there for you. StoryKit will not read text, so these stories are only there for reference. You may delete them if you like. As you and your student's create more stories, they will be added to this page as new books.

(Note: StoryKit was written for the iPod, so you will see a little round 2x button in the lower right corner. Tap the button to make StoryKit fill your screen. Your picture may be slightly blurry, but still very acceptable!



We are going to write our own story, so we will tap the white box that says "New Book".

  1. We start with a blank page. We can:
    • Take a picture
    • Use a picture from our Photo album
    • Add text to the page
    • Record our own voice
    • Paint and Draw
    • To add another page, we can click the Add button at the top of the page.
    • To rearrange our pages, click "Arrange" at the top right of the page viewer.








To take a picture, hold your ipad up and touch the little camera icon on your screen. when you are done, you can move and scale your photo. If you don't like it, you can select "Retake". When you are done, select "Use". Your picture will be added to your story page











To use a picture from your photo album, select the picture you want to use by tapping it. The picture will be added to your story page.













To type the words to your story, select the typing tool, and the keyboard will pop up. Enter your text, and then tap the "Edit" button at the top left. Your text will slide onto the page. You can move the text box up and down on your story page. If you want the text all the way at the bottom, you can hit Return all the way to the bottom of the text box when you are typing.











To record sound, tap the "Record" button at the bottom, record your sound (or have your students record it) and then tap "Stop" when you are done. You can play the sound back to see if you like it, and tap "Record" again if you don't. 


When you are done, tap "Edit" to return to your page. Your sound will appear as a little speaker. You can move this speaker around on the page to place it where you want. While you are editing, you can playback the sound, but you will also have the option of deleting it. In your final story, you cannot delete the sound.







You can paint and draw on the screen by tapping the Brush to determine the size of the line, and Color to select from a palatte.


If you are adding text or pictures to the page, you may want to add them first, so you know how much space you have to color/draw in.











When your story is done, you can share it by email. You will get a link that you can go to to view your story.





Do you learn best by watching? StoryKit on YouTube:

YouTube Video

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